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BinaryReversal Seeker for MT5


The exclusive Binary Reversal indicator looks for market reversals.

The indicator is accurate and provides effective inputs for both binary options trading and Forex trading.

The indicator displays arrows on the chart (see attached screenshots), indicating the likely reversal of the price action (usually blue arrows).

Binary Reverse is not redrawn. The signal is confirmed after the candle closes, and the added arrow will never disappear.

You can also set up an alert when an arrow appears on the chart.

  • MaxBars – the number of bars to display on the chart (600 by default)
  • DistancePixels – the distance between the indicator arrow and the bar on the chart.
  • SoundAlert (True/False) – sound alert.
  • SoundFile – the audio file for the audio notification.
  • TestSound (True/False) – testing the sound alert.

The size and color of the arrows are adjusted on the Color indicator tab.

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

It can be used to trade binary options, currencies, as well as commodities, stocks, futures, etc.

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