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BING Trade Setups Arrow Indicator


Non-Repainting, Non-Delaying, Trade Entry indicator for Very Low Risk market execution 

Algorithm based on MTF confluence of trends, momentum, candle behaviour and levels of 5 different timeframes. 7 years of development and optimizing translated into an easy to use and trustable indicator for all trading levels.

BING Setup Arrows Indicator(BSA) will show easy to read High Probability trading situations with Non-Repainting, Non-DelayingUp or Down arrows on the graph.  So simple, it’s brilliant. Always shows very good trading setups, no flashy colors, confusing configurations, hard to read dashboards, etc.

Perfect for that very conservative trader who wants to keep risk low and grow his/her account in an orderly fashion. No crazy scalping, nor Martingale, nor grids. Pure advanced math that simply works.

What is BSA?

An indicator which will show Up or Down arrows on-screen during Low-risk and Mid-Risk trade taking environment. We stand 100% on our products because we ourselves use them every day(we really do, check our Live channel), and are now available to you.

Does it provide alerts?

Of course! BSA includes all types of alerts offered by the MQL coding language: Alerts on Screen, Sound, MetaQuotes Push Alerts, and Email.

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What settings are user-editable?

BSA is meant to be as easy as humanly possible. It does all the calculations for you, so you spend time trading, not configuring. User editable options are restricted to choosing the Alerts you wish to get, and the color of the arrows.

How good are the signals? 

BSA offers two type of signals: Low-Risk, and Mid-Risk.

LowRisk shows arrows on retracements where the winrate is extremely high. Our EA based on this algorithm has easily shown 85%-95% winrates.

MidRisk signals will show much more trading situations, most of them visibly very good. MidRisk signals usually show a 70% winrates.(**Even higher with new update**)

One thing you will notice is that BSA does not frequently show arrows, but when they show, they are easy to recognize they are good setups. No more confusing repaintings, confirmations back in time, deceptive dashboards of how much you could have “made”.  When an arrow shows, you should pay attention because its good. And do something, now.

**Check out images of EA running on same Formula.

What Timeframes does it work with?

Since the nature of the algorithm is taking advantage of MTF confluence conditions, this indicator is designed to work on M15, H1H4, and D1. It also works on M5, but at that level, spread becomes an issue. Not recommended(Really, be careful).

The algorithm is designed to consider these timeframes the same as looking into the microscopic details of higher timeframes, like H4,D1,W1,and MN. So for example, when looking at M15, you are actually looking at the microscopic levels of H4.


Do signals Repaint?

This is probably the most important question for an indicator, and you should always ask yourself this question before purchasing one. This separates the good from the bad.

No, it does not repaint, nor delay either, nor wait for candle close to show signal. Arrows appear immediately, and remain forever, at the moment the math is correct.

Many indicators out there will paint an arrow at the close of the bar, or change information afterwards, leaving you with that feeling you missed out. You didn’t miss out, you were deceived.

BSA will not invade your screen with countless arrows. The few that do show, will show at the right time, and stay. We are talking 7 years of development here, these signals  may not be frequent, but they are very reliable.


What Markets does it work for?

The science behind this works on any market. Algorithm is very good and works on all instruments, because it scans for specific ‘signature’ movements and MTF confluences. All instruments will, over time, make these movements, absolutely no exceptions(actually, anything in nature you can put on a graph, will do these movements). That is why we don’t make indicators for specific currencies(EURUSD, XAUUSD,etc.), we don’t need to, this is universal.

***Important information for Demo Testers***

Indicator grabs MTF data, therefore to function to its full potential, it needs data from several days. When using the Tester, remember to set 2-3 or more months for testing.



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