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The released robot (BTCG) is the result of numerous years of research practice into the field of trading on tens of thousands of strategies, several forecasting indicators aimed toward creating the beauty of online trading perfection. thanks to the combination of several strategies and algorithms in this robot, when altering the purchase price of each tick, with maximum precision and speed of illumination. everything you need as a trader, the robot provides you in a split second
an important advantage of this Expert Advisor is that you can begin trading with a minimum first deposit of $ 25, it supports guide trading only on bitcoins, and the lot size can be adjusted in the ratio of at least $ 25-100, lot 0.01 for $ 25-100, This means that to increase the lot size to 0.002, you need to have at least $ 50, etc., as recommended, but not mandatory, otherwise, to trade with only 1% of your capital, you need to deposit at least $ 200, but this is not mandatory !, it is also recommended to withdraw or withdraw money. transfer the profit to another account every time it has made a reasonable profit.
This Expert Advisor maintains a low drawdown of less than 50% of your capital and can achieve amazing results, it is also able to respond to news and a period of high volatility in the market with a stop loss and high profit, providing a high win rate. , it has a win rate of over 99%.

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This robot manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes
1, activity before making a transaction (buy)
This measure includes money management, lot size, forecasting, and finding favorable divergence and convergence to enter a trade and make a profit.
2. Actions to open a transaction
Actions related to managing placed orders, ensuring profit with a trailing stop, and ensuring that maximum profit is achieved.
3. Post-transaction actions to protect transactions and maximize profits
These actions consist of two parts: reverse trading and trailing stop, which combines a variety of strategies and special mathematical formulas to track the current price by trailing stops.
4. Activities related to exiting the market or closing a transaction.
These measures are related to the methods of exiting the market, in the first case, the total profit is achieved at the optimal point, and secondly, the elimination of transactions that are in any case unprofitable, such as inconsistencies in forecasting or news that changes the scope of the market. when you have reached a certain point, the robot removes these positions in small parts (Position Close [Partial) from the place of profit, not the deposit
ACCOUNT: Any type
SCORE (DISABLE): 50% or less
ACCOUNT TYPE: Live Account
Account Mode: Follow the trend
Take Profit: automatically
Stop Loss: automatically
LOT size: automatically
Trailing Stop: automatically
Schedule time: 30 minutes
Profit: more than $ 52 with an initial deposit of $ 25, lot less than 0.01 for a short period.
These results are based on the strategy tester and historical data
Fully automated trading Advisor / ROBOT
Manual Trading: Enabled
Despite the fact that all the possibilities of failure have been thought out, but users must use the robot to meet the requirement of a permanent presence in the market,
Monitoring of the following continuous and daily
1. This robot has just been created to trade only on Bitcoin, on a 30-minute timeframe (recommended).
2 Carefully read these reviews, updates, screenshots, and comments from these Expert Advisors.
3, do not close the position manually
Testing the Robot / Expert Advisor (BTCG)
To test the robot, be sure to use the data of the metaQuates demo account (each tick)
Because the data on real ticks are different for different brokers
Please note that the settings in the corresponding screenshot image must be entered carefully.
I wish you a great and successful trading!
Ugwu Paschal


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