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It is a fully automated trading robot. Position opening is carried out by an AI trained on the examples of quote values, as well as the values of five standard indicators (RVI, ADX, CCI, Ichimoku, MACD). A trader can combine these indicators with each other, as well as setting the indicator parameters, choosing the most suitable strategy for himself. The Expert Advisor does not use strategies that pose a risk of losing a deposit or significant losses, such as grid, martingale or strategies without Stop Loss. The Expert Advisor is configured to work with four instruments – EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY.

MT5 version of the EA.

    • Graphical interface – enable/disable EA’s build-in interface;
    • Graphical interface font size – size of the EA’s build-in interface font;
    • Orders comment – comment for orders opened by the EA;
    • Orders ID (magic) – magic number  for orders opened by the EA;
    • Trade EURUSD / Trade GBPUSD / Trade USDCHF / Trade USDJPY – currency pairs to trade on;
    • Orders size definition method – method for calculating the size of orders;
    • Fixed orders size – order size with a fixed order size calculation method;
    • Percent of the deposit – percentage of the deposit for calculating the order size;
    • Order hold days – maximum order holding time in days;
    • Indicator 1 / Indicator 2 / Indicator 3 – selection of indicators whose values influence the decision to open a position;
    • RVI period main – period of the main line of the RVI indicator;
    • RVI period signal – period of the signal line of the RVI indicator;
    • ADX period – period of the ADX indicator;
    • MACD fast EMA period – period of the fast EMA line of the MACD indicator;
    • MACD slow EMA period – period of the slow EMA line of the MACD indicator
    • MACD signal period – period of the signal of the MACD indicator
    • CCI period – period of the CCI indicator;
    • CCI treshold – treshold value of the CCI indicator;
    • Ichimoku Tenkan-sen period – period of the Tenkan-sen line of the Ichimoku indicator;
    • Ichimoku Kijun-sen period – period of the Kijun-sen line of the Ichimoku indicator;
    • Trailing stop – trailing stop value;
    • Take profit – take profit value;
    • Stop loss – stop loss value;
    • Max signal discrepancy EURUSD / Max signal discrepancy GBPUSD / Max signal discrepancy USDCHF / Max signal discrepancy USDJPY – maximum permissible deviation of the signal level from 100%;
    • Max spread – maximum permissible spread for opening orders.

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