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Blahtech Fisher Transform


The Blahtech Fisher Transform indicator is an oscillator that displays the overbought and oversold areas on the chart. The Fisher Transform algorithm converts prices with any form of distribution to a normal distribution. The end result is a curve with sharp reversal points that can help identify bullish or bearish trends.

Fisher Transform values above 1.6 on the daily chart are considered good areas for reversal trades.

  • Configurable variables for calculations
  • Customizable alerts and messages

  • Periods – the number of iterations used for the calculation
  • Apply To-price to calculate
    1. Close – closing price
    2. Open – opening price
    3. High – the highest price
    4. Low – the lowest price
    5. Median – median price
    6. Typical – typical price
    7. Weighted Close-weighted price
  • Shift – shift the display on the chart by the specified number of bars
  • Alert Level High – the upper level for triggering
  • Alert Level Low – the lower level for triggering
  • Alerts-Popup-enable / disable sound and pop-up alerts
    1. Disabled – disabled
    2. Sound Only – Sound Only
    3. Popup and Sound – pop-up and sound alerts
  • Alerts-Email-enable / disable sending email notifications
  • Alerts-Notification-enable / disable sending push notifications
  • 0Alerts – Sound Wav File – wav file for the audio signal
  • Alerts – Message Text – the text for the email notifications on your mobile device
  • Alerts-Email-Subject-subject of email alerts
  • Alerts-Email-Body-text of email messages
  • Show Data Buffers-display iCustom buffers in the ” Data Window”

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