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Blue Rider Expert Advisor (BR EA) MT4


EA BR EA is an Expert Advisor that generates orders based on the indicator signals Normalized Trend Multi Time Frame  Indicator.

Indicator NTR MTF generates a signal using the intersection of two modified moving averages. 

EA BR Advisor can be used for Forex currency pairs, indices, metals and cryptocurrencies.

EA EA trades the first order and builds a grid as soon as the indicator NTR MTF generates the following signal. 

For a better overview, EA EA displays the profit of each trade or sequence directly on the chart and connects the inputs to the outputs with dotted lines.

Ask me about the settings, user manual, installation, requirements and everything else you need to trade.

There is a support group for buyers, ask about it in the comments.


General requirements for trading with EA Expert Advisor


Minimum account size: 3000, for example, USD for trading 3-5 pairs with the smallest starting lot 0.01

Leverage 1:500

Not suitable for netting accounts and ESMA leverage restrictions.

Accounts with a crude spread and VPS with low latency are recommended.

The BR Advisor works on the accounts of various brokers.

We recommend an ECN account to get the best results, as the BR Expert Advisor has been optimized using the ECN data of the Roboforex broker.





Enable Buy ‚Äď allows you to buy deals

Enable Sell ‚Äď allow the sale of transactions

Magic Number ‚Äď identifier for each trade made by the Expert Advisor

Comment ‚Äď additional identifier¬†


Login Settings

Lot Base ‚Äď the first lot from which the Expert Advisor starts

Minimum Grid Distance ‚Äď the minimum distance between the entrances to the grid window

Lot Multi ‚Äď multiplier of individual consecutive lots

Lot Sum ‚Äď summation of individual consecutive lots


Settings Indicator NTR MTF 

Timeframe ‚Äď the time interval of this graph

Normalization Level ‚Äď the period of time during which the normalization of values should be applied

Overbought Level (Normalization > 0) ‚Äď the ‚Äúoverbought‚ÄĚ area in which signals should be given

Oversold Level (Normalization > 0) ‚Äď the ‚Äúoversold‚ÄĚ area in which signals should be given

Output Settings

Minimal Profit Target ‚Äď the minimum defined profit target

Increase Profit ‚Äď a coefficient added to the minimum profit target depending on the number of lots opened at the closing of the sequence

Target ATR Multi ‚Äď profit target, determined depending on the corresponding ATR


Emergency management

Max Lot ‚Äď the maximum lot that will be¬†is open

Close in Equity Loss ‚Äď stop loss

Close in Profit after x-Trades ‚Äď closing lots of the sequence after the specified amount¬†open transactions with¬†Break even

Pips in Profit from Average Price ‚Äď closes the sequence with additional profit


Filter Settings

Enable Time Filter 1 2 ‚Äď allows transactions at a certain time of day

Start Hour (1 2) ‚Äď a certain time to start trading

Stop Hour (1 2) ‚Äď a certain time to stop trading

Max Spread ‚Äď maximum spread value

Visual Settings

Show Panel ‚Äď informative panel on the chart

Show Print the Profit in Money ‚Äď display the profit in money on the completed transaction (transactions) on the chart

Arrow Distance ‚Äď the distance of the arrows to the corresponding candle on which the event occurred

Buy Arrow Color ‚Äď the color for the buy signal

Sell Arrow Color ‚Äď color for the sell signal

Exit Line Color (Last Trade) ‚Äď defines the color of the dotted connecting line between the entry and exit of a single transaction or the last transaction in the sequence.

Exit Line Color (Buy Trade/s) ‚Äď defines the color of the dotted line connecting the entry and exit of purchase transactions in the sequence, but not the last purchase transaction in this sequence.

Exit Line Color (Sell Trade/s) ‚Äď defines the color of the dotted line connecting the entry and exit of sales transactions in the sequence, but not the last sale transaction in this sequence.

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14 October 2021


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Husain Ballam November 16, 2021 7:41 am

A reliable EA. Tino, the author, is very supportive, replies with solutions, and answers quickly. As for back-testing, results are satisfying and parameters are intuitive and easy to grasp. In my opinion, product should worth more given the help I get from Tino. Totally worth it!


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