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BlueDreams is a grid expert that scalps certain highs and lows of the price.

The Expert Advisor carefully studies the market using a combination of price information and custom indicators analyzing from several timeframes to determine calculated entry points.

It controls the dynamic grid function, which is able to change the distance between points depending on the past and current market dynamics.

  • Signals: Demo / Live
  • Open Group Chat:
  • Please contact me with any questions or after purchase for setup/operation advice, thank you! 
  • Now there is a group for buyers only, please contact me after purchase/rental and tell me your order number if you want to join.

    • The desire to capture the highs to sell with a confirmed downtrend and the lows to buy with a confirmed uptrend.
    • The EA will accept orders only in the direction of the higher timeframe (trend_timeframe) defined by the user. – The trend of the higher timeframe is displayed in the upper left corner of the trading panel.
    • Uses a dynamic grid that can be turned on or off to create a single trading Expert.
    • There are several ways to manage transactions and close them.
    • Corresponds to the FIFO rule.
    • Protection against wide spread and slippage.
    • Warnings and restrictions on capital – the adviser can reduce transactions at the desired amount of drawdown of incoming capital and stop trading.
    • Optional news filter.
    • Additional daily/time limit.
    • Optional dynamic pipstep methods.
    • Additional drawdown reduction function.
    • It is undergoing 10-year testing on the history using EURUSD.

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    • Terms: 5M – using my set file.
    • Account: A reliable ECN broker will provide maximum performance with a minimum leverage of 1:300 and 1500 USD.



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