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BOBBER Alpari risk 3 prc Alpari broker, account type: pro ecn, spread 0-3, commission $ 3.2.

BOBBER ICMarkets risk 3 prc broker ICMarkets Global, account type: raw spread, spread 0-3, commission 7.0$.

Bobber is a safe expert Advisor that trades pending orders, stop loss and take profit are placed immediately, and a multi-functional trailing stop works.

Bobber starts trading on the extremes of the previous day (like Prado), then trades on the extremes of today.

The trading strategy complies with the FIFO rules.

The minimum deposit is $ 100.

Intraday trading from trend levels.

The tool is only USDJPY, period H1. Use accounts with a spread of 0-3, this will increase your profit.

The settings are optimized for a 10-year history.

Bobber can be used by beginners and experienced traders.


Pay special attention to the TimeBroker setting, (UTC ) = 2; – the first orders should be placed 1 hour and 5 minutes after the start of the trading day. It is convenient to track this by the tests on Monday.


Risk, % = 3.0; The maximum risk percentage of the deposit size per 1 order.

FixLot (Risk, % = 0) = 0.01; Fixed lot.

SpreadMax = 15; The maximum spread at which an order is placed.

TakeProfitCoef = 1.6; Coefficient that affects the Take Profit setting.

StopLossCoef = 0.17; The coefficient that affects the Stop Loss setting.

TimeBroker, (UTC ) = 2; The time zone of your broker’s server according to the UTC standard.

Magic = 333; Unique number of the EA’s orders.

Comment = Bobber; Comment on the EA’s orders.

StartTradeHour = 23; EA start time (UTC 0).

StartTradeMinute = 05; time of the beginning of EA(UTC 0).

FinishTradeHour = 16; Time to delete pending orders (UTC 0).

EveningTacticsHour = 16; Time of changing the tactics of conducting open orders(UTC 0).

CloseAllHour = 20; Closing time of open orders (UTC 0).


All coefficients are calculated from dynamic values that take into account the price behavior.

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05 February 2021

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