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BockerBars® is a simple to use high effective indicator which gives clear entry signals.

It helps you trade in a disciplined way, like a professional trader, with very short stops, and flexible take profits.

With basic money management, and up to 80% winning trades, it will let you trade profitable.

How it works:

-Search for the highest or lowest candle of the current movement.

-Wait for the close of a confirmation candle in the new direction of the market. It has to close below of our highest candle for shorts, and above our lowest candle for long entries.

-Confirm your trade with BockerBars®. The indicator and the direction of the trade have to match, so if Bockerbars® is below the midline, that is, a negative value, we will only enter short trades. If it is above the midline, a positive value, we will only enter longs.

-Enter trade.

-Set stop 1 pip/point below our low candle for longs, and 1 pip/point above our high candle for shorts. Stop to take profit ratio should be at least 1:1. If your stop is for example 10 pips/points, your take profit should always be at least 10 pips/points, never less. 

-Set take profit (at least 1:1 stop to TP ratio) to nearest pivot, trend line, support, resistance or desired level. Having a positive Stop/Tp ratio, is the absolute basic for professional trading, and dramatically improves our results.

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-Since the amount of winners is extremely high, and having a Stop/take profit ratio of at least 1:1, we can double leverage after a losing trade, for recovering loses.


-Short stops

-Adjustable take profits

-Works on trending and sideways markets

-Clear entry points

-Multiple timeframes

-No repaint

-No overtrading

You can use Bockerbars® on any financial instrument. It works perfectly with Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities or Crypto.


-With your subscription or purchase of the indicator, you will also get free access to our telegram trading room. There we post our trades live. (No investment advice)

-You can contact us via telegram, email or phone, should you have any questions about the indicator, trades, or, if you just want to talk about markets with us.

With Bockerbars® you will have a turnkey solution for trading like a professional, and a one to one customer experience.

We will never let you down.


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