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The “OCO Order Boleta” (“Boleta Ordem OCO”) allows you to trade using OCO orders in Meta Trader 5 simply and quickly.
To use it, just inform which market you are trading in, whether B3 or Forex, in the initial parameters and fill in the Lot size (or volume) and the distance, in points, from the takeprofit and stoploss. Then, if you want to buy or sell to the market, just click on the respective button (“Sell Market” or “Buy Market”) and the order will be sent and executed to market with the stop and take as configured. If you want to invert the position, just click on the “Invert” button. To close the position manually, just click on “Close Positions”.
If the intention is to leave a pending buy or sell order with a previously configured stop and take, just press the C key on the keyboard for purchase and V for sale. After moving the mouse, a preview of the order lines will follow the movement. When choosing the point where you want the order to be placed, just click with the left mouse button and you’re done! Simple and practical. To cancel the pending order, click on the “Cancel Orders” button.
Details in the video below.
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