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BollingerBands RSI Robot


BB RSI Robot is made for any level of users: Beginners can use it as it is, Experts can fully customize it.

Bollinger Bands and RSI based algorithms for autotrading: it follows 3 Bollinger Bands and RSI levels and places orders with all values computed when the algorithm gives a green flag. Order values use algorithms for risk management per trade and pips calculator. Each placed order is closely followed to be modified if more accurate Take Profit value is computed.

BB RSI Robot is fully customizable. You can set:

– Risk per trade (default: 0.02);
– Bollinger Bands period;
– BB Standard Deviation Entry;
BB Standard Deviation Take Profit;
BB Standard Deviation Stop Loss;
– RSI period;
– RSI Lower Level;
– RSI Upper Level;

Our recommendation is to be used on currency pairs that are strongly related.

Please test it before use as not all currencies are profitable!
Use it on your own risk, as any other EA, using it can result in loosing part or all account.

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