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Gold Bonanza is an advanced trading system which was optimized for XAUUSD currency pair. The EA uses complicated filtering techniques to search for accurate entry and exit points. My adviser is intended for a long-term trading. It utilizes its own price action algorithms in combination with the author’s indicator. Gold Bonanza is a fully automated adviser that doesn’t require any special skills from you. All you need to do is just install it and the EA will do the rest for you. Check out my backtests and a live signal to make sure that the robot works in real life. Gold Bonanza is not a grid, martingale or other risky strategy. This is an EA which uses Stop Loss and Take Profit logic.

Live Signal:  Signals My#!tab=account


  • Main working pair: XAUUSD, GOLD
    • Working Timeframe: H1
      • Min Recommended deposit: $300
        • Recommended ECN broker


            • ¬† NOT uses martingale or grid or other dangerous strategies;
            • ¬†Hard stop loss and take profit for each position
            • ¬†Not sensitive to broker conditions
            • ¬†Easy to install


                  • FixLot ‚Äď Choosing the lot size
                  • AutoLot (put fixlot=0) ‚Äď Autolot, for a fixed lot to work, set the value equal to zero
                  • Timeframe Moving Average ‚Äď Timing of the moving average
                  • Period for Moving Average ‚Äď Selecting the Period for the moving average
                  • Method for Moving Average ‚Äď Choosing a Method for the moving average
                  • Applied price for Moving Average ‚Äď Selecting the applicable price for Moving Average
                  • Start Time (hour) ‚Äď Start of trading
                  • Stop Time (hour) ‚Äď End of trading



                      Before buying Bonanza EA , please keep in mind any possible risks associated with the act of trading on the Forex market.

                      Past performance does not provide any guarantee of future profitability 

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                  14 August 2021

                  19 August 2021



                  Trading strategy

                  Trading strategy


                  Trading strategy

                  Trading strategy

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                  Emrah Oz August 25, 2021 6:45 pm

                  Gold Treasure trove is a sophisticated trading system which was maximized for XAUUSD currency set The EA uses complex filtering system strategies to search for exact access and departure points My advisor is planned for a long-lasting trading It utilizes its very own price activity algorithms in mix with the writer s indicator Gold Treasure trove is a totally automated consultant that doesn t need any special skills from you All you need to do is just mount it and the EA will do the remainder for you Have a look at my backtests and also a real-time signal to see to it that the robot operates in


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