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The Boost It Expert Advisor is designed for monotonous acceleration of the deposit using the martingale strategy. The basic logic of opening trades is based on a large set of moving averages and regression lines and takes into account their bend and distance from the price. The algorithm is universal, which allows the Expert Advisor to trade on all available pairs for better diversification.
The basic settings are mainly designed for cent accounts and provide a smooth yield curve.

There are 5 copies left at the price of $60. The next price is $90.

There are 5 copies left at the price of $60. The next price is $90.


  • multi-currency trading
  • deposit protection
  • can work on cent accounts
  • high trading activity
  • smooth yield curve
  • Minimum deposit: $10,000 (or $100 on a cent account)
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: M5
  • AutoLot-use dynamic risk
  • Lots – fixed lot size
  • DepositPercent – the amount of risk in % of the deposit (if AutoLot = true)
  • Period_Coeff – period multiplier for the indicators used
  • Sensitivity – sensitivity of the strategy to the deviation of the price from the average value
  • UseSignal_for_reopen-open averaging trades only when the main strategy signals
  • LotMultiplier – lot multiplier when averaging
  • WantedProfit – the desired profit from the grid of orders, in % of the deposit
  • MaxDDPercent_ThisPair – maximum allowable drawdown for the current pair
  • MaxDDPercent_AllPairs – maximum allowable drawdown for all pairs
  • CloseInLoss-allow the Expert Advisor to close order grids at a loss if there is a signal
  • Orders_Dist – step between orders
  • Magic – the magic number of the EA’s orders
  • OrdersComment-comment on the Expert Advisor’s orders

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