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BOOSTER FOR MT4 is knowledgeable scalping advisor for day by day work on the FOREX forex market. In buying and selling, together with expertise, merchants normally come to know that the buildup ranges of cease orders, worth and time play a big position available in the market. This FOREX Skilled Advisor implements this technique, and I hope that you’ll not solely get pleasure from utilizing this product, but in addition participate in its growth – leaving your suggestions with needs right here #!tab=evaluations

MT5 model: 


  • PRICE – the gap of the worth to be handed within the allotted time interval;
  • TIME – the allotted time in seconds;
  • HL_PERIOD – the variety of bars to find out the degrees;
  • HL_TIMEFRAME – timeframe for figuring out ranges;
  • BREAKTHROUGH_LEVEL – open orders after breaking by the extent?;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER – the magic variety of the transaction;
  • ORDERS_COMMENT – adviser’s feedback within the order;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE – most slippage when opening a commerce;
  • MAX_SPREAD – most unfold when opening a commerce;
  • COMMISSION_CONTROL – if the dealer has a fee for the transaction, set the COMMISSION_CONTROL = true flag. To test the fee, the adviser will instantly open a take care of a minimal lot for the image. Do not be scared. It will occur only one time;
  • COMMISSION_PER_LOT – or you possibly can set the fee quantity manually, then the adviser will take this worth into consideration when opening and shutting orders, set as a fee for 1 lot;
  • OPENING_INTERVAL_SEC – minimal interval between opening new orders in seconds;
  • PENING_INTERVAL_PIPS – minimal interval between opening new orders in pips;
  • CLOSE_ORDER_DELAY_SEC – minimal transaction period in seconds;
  • TAKEPROFIT – take revenue in pips;
  • STOPLOSS – cease loss in pips;
  • BREAKEVEN_START – revenue in pips, upon reaching which the cease loss will probably be set to breakeven BREAKEVEN_PROFIT pips. If = 0, it isn’t used;
  • BREAKEVEN_PROFIT – the variety of revenue factors when closing orders on the breakeven stage;
  • TRAILING_STOP – the scale of the trailing cease in pips, by which the mounted revenue will change. If = 0, it isn’t used;
  • TRAILING_STEP – the trailing cease step in pips that is still for the worth transfer after the cease loss modification;
  • RISK_PERCENT – calculation of the buying and selling lot relying on the danger of the transaction. If = 0, it isn’t used;
  • FROM_BALANCE – calculation of the buying and selling lot from the stability. Components: Steadiness/FROM_BALANCE*LOTS. If = 0, it isn’t used;
  • LOTS – mounted lot if RISK_PERCENT = 0 and FROM_BALANCE = 0;

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