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A professional robot based on Parabolic SAR. The Expert Advisor is designed to analyze trending markets. On the” bullish trend”, the indicator is located below the prices, on the” bearish trend ” — higher. If the price crosses the Parabolic SAR lines, the indicator reverses, and its next values are located on the other side of the price. In this case, the” flip ” of the indicator will serve as a reference point for the maximum or minimum price for the previous period. The reversal of the indicator is a signal either about the end (transition to correction or flat) of the trend, or about its reversal. The expert closes long positions when the price falls below the technical indicator line, and short positions when the price rises above the Parabolic SAR line. That is, the direction of movement of the Parabolic SAR is tracked and positions are kept open in the market only in the direction of this movement. If a long position is opened (that is, the price is above the Parabolic SAR line), the indicator line will move up regardless of the direction in which prices are moving. The amount of movement of the Parabolic SAR line depends on the size of the price movement. The Expert Advisor correctly handles errors and works reliably on the market. It works with a capital of $ 100 or more! It is important to choose the direction of work either in two directions, or only for buying or for selling. The signal can also be inverted. The Expert Advisor uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing on the opposite signal. It has an important function — the correct calculation of risk. In this case, Risk works like this: 1 is the risk of losing 1 percent of the deposit.

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Overview of parameters:

  • OnOptimizationSharp – used for optimization by the “Custom max” method for additional accounting of the Sharpe coefficient.
  • Magic – A magic number, an arbitrary integer.
  • PeriodWork – the period on which the expert works.
  • Risk-the risk at which we enter the market is set as a percentage of losses from the total deposit, the lot is determined relative to the stop loss and acceptable losses when the stop loss is reached.
  • LotRounding – Rounding the lot (to decimal places).
  • Deviation-requotes.
  • Sleeps-Waiting for the opening, closing or modification of a position.
  • Withdraw – Virtual withdrawal of money in the tester, as a percentage relative to the initial deposit (it is necessary when optimizing for long periods, to protect against saturation of the lot).
  • ShowIndicators-Displays the indicator on the screen.
  • PeriodTrailing – The period on which the trawl is working.
  • TrailingStop – The level of the trawl, 0-disabled the trawl in points, active trawl by period.
  • PeriodTrailingStep-Trawl by period.
  • ProhibitNewSeries – If it is necessary to complete the current position and not open the next one, then this switch must be enabled (tracking the position before disabling the Expert).
  • WorkOpenLong-Permission to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort-Permission to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong-Permission to close a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort-Permission to close a short position.

It is advisable to optimize using the “Custom max” mode, which implements a progressive optimization function that can increase the potential forecast. Set only the opening prices for the optimization speed and the period equal to PeriodWork. The default settings include permissions to work in the specified direction, as well as to close on a signal. For the trawl, the method is selected not by points, but using the last bar of the specified time interval (PeriodTrailingStep), (TrailingStop=0). Set the default parameters, set the following fields for optimization: 

Breakeven level, 0-disabled

The level of the beginning of the trawl, 0-disabled


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