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Breakout Trend Lines MT5


A break of a trend line, as well as a high or low, usually indicates a change (or continuation) of the trend. This indicator displays lines along the highs and lows of the price, as well as finds and shows inclined trend lines. As soon as the price goes beyond the line and the candle closes, the indicator signals this with an arrow (you can also turn on alerts). This indicator is easy to use, while there are many trading strategies that are based on breaking trend lines. The number of candles for determining trend lines, as well as the maximum and minimum of the trading range can be adjusted.

  • TradingRange – the number of bars in the trading range where the highs and lows will be determined;
  • Distance – the minimum distance from one maximum (minimum) to another for constructing trend lines;
  • Shift-shift to determine the breakout, relative to the trading range;
  • Shift2-shift to determine the breakout of an inclined trend line;
  • EnableAlert – enabling and disabling alerts (true – enabled);
  • EnablePushNotifications-enabling sending notifications to a smartphone;
  • AddingTextToMessages – adding text to messages;
  • TrendLinesColor – the color of trending inclined lines;
  • HorizontalLinesColor – the color of the horizontal lines (based on the highs and lows of the price).

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