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The Bullet Expert Advisor is self-trading, refers to scalping strategies for breaking levels, and is designed for conducting high-speed trading on a financial instrument on the chart of which it is installed. To trade on different financial instruments at the same time, the Expert Advisor must be installed on the chart of each corresponding financial instrument. The Expert Advisor trades pending orders.

Various combinations of input parameters, timeframes and financial instruments provide the trader with wide tactical trading opportunities, which will allow you to individualize trading in the conditions of mass application of the strategy.

  • Fixed – fixed.
  • Percentage – percentage.
  • Differentiated – differentiated.
  • Intensive – intensive.
  • Normal – normal.
  • Mild – moderate.
  • Long – long.
  • Short – short.
  • Long-Short-long-short (converts the distance after opening an order from long to short).
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • true – yes.
  • false – no.
  • English – English.
  • Russian – Russian.

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The real TakeProfit and StopLoss levels are always set. The input parameters 23 and 24 can be used both together and separately. Virtual StopLoss is static, if used, it can be set to the opening price closer to the real one.

The number of bars for trading and testing should be more than 99.

It is best to use the Expert Advisor on the financial instruments shown in the screenshots with the period M30 or H1, although the possibility of trading on other financial instruments and timeframes is not excluded. It is possible to trade on several financial instruments and / or timeframes at the same time.

Trading should be conducted on a VPS server with minimal delays. For trading, it is better to choose an ECN / STP broker with the execution of transactions with low commissions or without them, narrow spreads, allowing scalping without restrictions. You should also take into account the value of the Stoplevel and Freezelevel levels.

The Expert Advisor is recommended for trading with market execution of trading orders.

Before using the Expert Advisor on a real account, test it in the strategy tester and test it on a demo account.


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