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Bur Burning man ? – an Expert Advisor that manages a basket of orders for different currency pairs. The robot does not use martingale. Each order has a take profit and a stop loss. The Expert Advisor can also close all orders for all currency pairs based on the total profit or loss.

Trading strategy-if the EA deviates from the moving average by a specified number of points, the EA starts opening orders on each new bar with a distance between orders of at least the one specified in the settings. Orders are closed based on the total profit or loss. 

Recommended pairs USDCAD EURUSD EURJPY M15 settings here, as you optimize, new pairs and settings will be added to them

Real account monitoring, as well as my other developments can be viewed here: 
  • Buy – on / off direction of buy;
  • Sell – on / off direction of sell;
  • Initial lot-lot;
  • Autolot – enable / disable automatic lot calculation;
  • New cycle-when the mode is turned on, the Expert Advisor works without stopping, when the mode is turned off, the Expert Advisor will not open new orders (on/off);
  • MaxOrders – maximum number of orders;
  • Start_Hour – the time from which the Expert Advisor is allowed to open positions;
  • End_Hour – the time until which the Expert Advisor is allowed to open positions;
  • Initial lot-lot;
  • Distance MA – distance from MA; 
  • Close according to general profit-close according to general profit enable / disable ;
  • TP currency (0 not use )- profit value in dollars for closing a basket of orders;
  • Sl currency (0 not use) – the value of the loss in dollars to close the basket of orders;
  • Close from reverse signal-close positions from the opposite signal on / off;
  • Max spread – the maximum spread at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions;
  • Show Statistics-enable / disable the display of statistics;
  • Show Button Close-enable / disable the button for closing orders;
  • Magic EA – the magic number by which the EA distinguishes its positions from other orders;
  • MA parametrs-MA indicator settings;
  • revers open orders-opening orders in the opposite direction;
  • min distance – minimum distance between grid orders;
  • virtual TP – virtual take profit in points;
  • virtual ST virtual stop loss in points.

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