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A simple script for opening Buy orders on the market on any financial instrument.

  • Volume-default: 0.10
  • Deviation-default: 10 points
  • Stoploss-default: 50 points
  • Takeprofit-default: 50 points
  • Comment-default: Order by Market
  • Confirm-default: false

Order Type

Only Buy orders are available.


Maximum deviation from the requested price (in points).

Stoploss and Takeprofit

Stop loss and take profit in points. Pay attention: this value will be added to the minimum level of the broker’s stops.

For example, if you set a stop loss value of 30 points for a copper futures contract, the stop loss will be set at 145 points: Stop Loss 30 pips Spread (15 pips) Stop level of the symbol (100 points).

The spread and stop level values depend on the broker.


Comment, the default value is “Order by Market”, but you can enter any information about the transaction.


When set to true (double-click), a window with information about the transaction will appear, where you can confirm or cancel the operation.

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