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Candle Absorption Full


The indicator finds the “Absorption” candle pattern and draws the corresponding signal for entering the market.

  • Consider candles without a body-a parameter that is responsible for the ability to consider candles without a body (doji). By default, no.
  • Consider absorption in 3 candles-a parameter that is responsible for the ability to take into account the absorption on the 2nd candle, and not only on the 1st, as is customary. By default, no
  • SMA Period – the period for the moving average
  • SMA Filter ON/OFF – enable / disable the SMA filter
  • Number of trend candles before absorption-a parameter used for filtering signals. It is responsible for the number of required candles of the same color before the absorption pattern. The default value is 1.
  • Inform about finding the signal-the parameter responsible for receiving notifications (Alert) about the found signal. By default, no
  • Perfect Absorption-enable / disable perfect absorption (when the body of the first candle is completely absorbed by the second candle)
  • Persent of Absorption 1 = 100% – The minimum percentage by which the second candle should be larger than the first one.
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