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Candle Countdown Alarm


Candle Countdown Alarm allows you to always keep the next candle in sight until it closes or opens, so that you never miss it.

Often, the closing of an important candle formation and, therefore, a good opportunity to enter the trade is missed, because the remaining time is not always in sight. This utility will allow you to get rid of such annoying situations. The main functions of the utility are:

If you want, you can configure push notifications to be sent to your mobile device if one of the conditions described above is met.


There are various options for configuring the utility at your discretion:

  • Label Color – the color of the labels.
  • Label Font – the label font.
  • Label Font Size – the font size of the labels.
  • Label Text-specify the text that will be displayed before the value of the time remaining until the candle closes, for example: “Candle Close Time Remaining: “
  • Label Position – the anchor angle of the label (lower right, lower left, upper right, upper left).
  • Label Distance from Corner (X) – the distance of the label on the X-axis from the corner of the anchor.
  • Label Distance from Corner (Y) – the distance of the label on the Y-axis from the corner of the tether.
  • Alarm if a new candle opens? – send an alert when opening a new candle / closing an old candle.
  • Activate Alarm? – enable alerts that are sent some time before the next candle close.
  • Set Alarm (Minutes to Candle Close) – the number of minutes until the next candle close to send alerts.
  • Set Alarm Label Color – the color of the label when the alert is triggered.
  • Set Alarm Label Color Style – the style of the alert label (blink every second or be constant).
  • Send Notification to Mobile Device-send notifications to your mobile device when an alert is triggered.

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First, you need to install the appropriate MetaTrader app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Then go to “Tools – > Settings – > Notifications” on your MetaTrader client terminal and check the “Allow Push notifications ” box. Here you can also find links to the MetaTrader mobile apps. Then enter your MetaQuotes ID. You can find it in the mobile app settings or in your profile under “Settings -> Security”. After that, you can test the connection to make sure it works and you are ready to receive notifications from the Candle Countdown Timer.

In the “Tools -> Settings – > Events” tab, you can change the audio file that is played when alerts appear. To play a custom audio file, simply copy the audio file to the Sounds folder.


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