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Candle Pattern Detector


Candlestick patterns are surely among the most loved and trusted technical tools. in the exact same time, they’re very easy to place to get a trained eye, nevertheless
using a sign plot them all on the graph is a fantastic time saver to any complete time trader.

Our candlestick pattern detector is able to accurately identify the most common candlestick patterns, like the Hammer, Inverted Hammer,
Shooting Star, Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Candles (and their 3-candle equal the Three interior and Three Inside Down), Tweezers
Bottom and Tweezers Top, and last but not least the Morning Star and Shooting Star candle patterns.

The indicator allows some flexibility with regards to tweaking the detection and how ‘directional’ the patterns are supposed to look like.
It is also safe to be used in the scope of automated trading, the EA can simply call the external buffers to read the patterns, as opposed to
graphical objects which could not be used within the Strategy Tester’s Optimization module (ours works all the way). Check out the
screenshots and don’t hesitate too much about giving it a try!

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