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Candlestick Patterns All Pair


Candlestick Patterns All Pair-a simple and convenient indicator of candle patterns, finds 29 candle patterns, displays the latest models for all pairs and timeframes.

  • Finds and marks 29 candle patterns on the chart;
  • Displays a table of the latest models for the 28 main pairs and each timeframe;
  • It has settings for 5 additional pairs;
  • Classic refers to the direction of the trade;
  • Each candle model can be disabled in the settings;
  • The Table Is Hidden/It is displayed in one click on the chart, which is convenient for viewing the chart.

  • Depth – The depth of the search for models;
  • Up_Color – The color of the purchase model in the table;
  • Down_Color – Color of the model for sale in the table;
  • Use_M1 – Display in the table M1;
  • Use_M5-Display in the M5 table;
  • Use_M15-Display in the M15 table;
  • Use_M30-Display in the M30 table;
  • Use_H1-Display in the H1 table;
  • Use_H4-Display in the H4 table;
  • Use_D1-Display in table D1;
  • Use_W1-Display in the W1 table;
  • Use_MN1-Display in the MN1 table;
  • TextSizeTable – The size of the text in the table;
  • TextSizeModels – The size of the text on the chart;
  • TextColorModel – The color of the text on the chart;
  • ———- Add Pairs ————
  • Pair_1 – Additional pair;
  • Pair_2 – Additional pair;
  • Pair_3 – Additional pair;
  • Pair_4 – Additional pair;
  • Pair_5 – Additional pair;
  • ———- Candlestick Patterns ————
  • AdvanceBlock-the “Repulsed Offensive” model”;
  • BeltHoldLine-the “Belt Grab” model”;
  • CounterattackLines-the “Counterattack” model”;
  • DarkCloudCover-the “Curtain of Dark Clouds” model”;
  • Doji-Doji model”;
  • Engulfing-the “Takeover” model”;
  • EveningStar – model ” Evening Star”;
  • Gap model ” Window”;
  • GravestoneDoji – model ” Doji-tombstone”;
  • Hammer-the “Hammer” model”;
  • HangingMan-The Hanged Man model”;
  • Harami-Harami model”;
  • InvertedHammer – “Inverted Hammer” model”;
  • LongLeggedDoji-the “Long-legged Doji” model”;
  • MatHoldPattern-the “Hold on Tatami” model”;
  • MorningStar-the “Morning Star” model”;
  • OnNeckLine-model ” At the neck line”;
  • Piercing-the “Gap in the Clouds” model”;
  • SeparatingLines-the “Separation” model”;
  • ShootingStar-Shooting Star model”;
  • SideBySideWhite – “Adjacent White Candles” model”;
  • StalledPattern-the “Braking” model”;
  • TasukiGap-the “Tasuka Gap” model”;
  • ThreeCrows-the “Three Crows” model”;
  • ThreeLineStrike – “Triple Strike” model”;
  • ThreeMethods-the “Three Methods” model”;
  • ThreeWhiteSoldiers – “Three White Soldiers” model”;
  • Tweezer-Tweezer model”;
  • UpsideGapTwoCrows-the “Two Flying Crows” model.

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The indicator is designed for quick analysis and navigation of the latest formed candle patterns for each pair and timeframe. The table contains information: model name(Model), direction (Button color), number of candles back (Ago). Clicking on the “View” button changes the current chart to the chart of the corresponding currency pair and timeframe. The current chart in the table is highlighted in green. A click on the “Hide Table” button hides the table, freeing the graph, and a second click displays the table.


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