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MVRV and NVT indicators - stock analysis of cryptocurrency trends

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Fundamental analysis of the company

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Candy EA is a top-notch multi-currency night scalper which uses adaptive and dynamic algorithm as well as complicated neural networks. It trades in small steps and promptly catches the desired profit with minimum risk involved. The EA is fully automated and does not require any tampering with the settings. Candy is best to trade with at the end of the New York session and till the beginning of the Asian session, but it’s also possible to trade 24 hours a day by default. The robot has a money-management feature, meaning that it automatically calculates a lot size and it’s highly recommended to use the option by default. The high win rates of the EA are achieved by utilizing several indicators and pattern-based trading strategies which work in combination or separate. The cutting edge of Candy is its ability to estimate market price and candle size over the past period of time and based on this info detect the sort of trend action with Buy or Sell to catch a scalp on the smooth price movement. To give you the idea of the EA’s performance I use only live monitoring which is the best proof of quality of the product.

             P.S.  I sell my advisors only on  If you see my advisors for sale on other resources, they are scammers, they are selling a fake.


    For all questions, please contact me personally or text me in Telegram 

    • ¬†Working symbol: EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY
    • ¬†Working Timeframe: M15
    • Min Recommended¬†deposit:¬†$1000
    • ¬†Recommended: ECN broker



           .  Hard stop loss and take profit for each position

             .  Not sensitive to broker conditions 

               .  Easy to install

                 .  Super smart martingale recovery function, to recovering loss position

                   .  Manages your money, risk, profit and loss with Auto money management

                     .  All Position is protected by the EA algorithm, Auto/Virtual TP/SL calculation


                        ¬† .¬†¬† Money Manegment Function ‚Ästmoney management

                          ¬† . ¬† Investment Risk¬†¬†‚Äď Risk as a percentage per pair

                            ¬† .¬†¬† ShowPanel¬†‚Ästfalse/true (trade panel)

                                .   Order Stop loss( in Point)-Stop loss (in the Pips)

                                ¬† .¬†¬† Order Take Profit ( in Point) ‚Äď Take Profit Order (in Pips)

                                ¬†¬†.¬† ¬†Magic number ¬†‚ÄstMagic number


                                    Prior to purchasing Candy EA please bear in mind any possible risks incident to the act of trading on Forex.
                                    Past performance gives no guarantee of future profitability (Never-losing advisor is a myth).
                                    The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) have been significantly optimized to find the best parameters. The results under no circumstance should be applied to the real-life trading.
                                    The EA inherently implements stop loss feature but its actual application is strictly dependent on your broker’s conditions.

                                Key Features of Algorithmic Trading Software

                                13 April 2021


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                                German Fernandez November 16, 2021 7:26 am

                                I have been using CANDY EA on a real account for more than a month and to date the balance has never been below the original capital. Also, it has never had a drawdown greater than 10.85%. I really highly recommend this expert advisor and should use it with the conservative strategy that Dimitrii recommends. It is the second EA I have bought from Dimitrii (the other is KLONDIKE) and both have behaved as expected. Many congratulations Dimitrii, really very good bots.

                                Malcolm David Parker November 16, 2021 7:26 am

                                I have been using candy on a demo account for a week and 3.7% in profit so going well so far. Will use on live account after a good testing period on conservative settings. nice work Dmitrii

                                Talal Mansour November 16, 2021 7:26 am

                                This is the third EA I bought it from Dmitrit, I have London pride with no lose trade since 2 month and klondike EA one of the best Gold EA I ever seen. My review on candy is good EA since last week I put it only EURUSD low risk live account 0.01 with amount 3k Still looking forward see more updates for this EA


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