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Carousel Triple Correlation MT5


Attention: this is a multi-currency Expert Advisor that trades multiple pairs from a single chart! Therefore, in order to avoid duplication of transactions, it is necessary to attach the Expert Advisor to only one chart, – – – > all trading on all pairs is conducted from only one chart!

The minimum price for this Expert Advisor is now activated (1250$ —> 395$), read more here. At the lowest price, only 10 copies will be sold – – – > >1 left.

The minimum price for this Expert Advisor is now activated (1250$ —> 395$), read more here. At the lowest price, only 10 copies will be sold – – – > >1 left.

Carousel_Triple_Correlation is a powerful tool that has no analogues on the market, and perhaps the only automated system with an exclusive trading principle and with the capabilities that the system has. In the Carousel_Triple_Correlation logic, triple correlation is used, that is, the interaction of 3 different tools simultaneously. This is a truly revolutionary approach to trading, since the most important factor is excluded – this is the factor of fitting (re-optimizing) the system for historical data, since at the same time, in real time, 3 instruments interact with each other at once and the analysis is carried out not for one currency pair separately, but takes into account the logic of the correlation movement (strength, direction, deviation) of 3 different instruments simultaneously.

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Moreover, the possibilities of Carousel_Triple_Correlation are really limitless, for example:

  • we can trade three different pairs at the same time, as by default (EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD), which take into account the correlation when entering the market of all three;
  • we can only trade EURUSD (or any currency pair) and at the same time take into account the movement and direction of Gold (XAUUSD) and / or Oil (Brent/WTI);
  • we can trade Gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD) and take into account the movement and direction of the dollar index (DXY), and vice versa, and / or the combined interaction of all three instruments;
  • we can trade absolutely in any collaboration with any instrument:
    – Forex (any currency pairs),
    – Metals,
    – Crypto
    – Oil/Gas
    – Indexes,
    – Futures.
  • we can use separate Profit values/Loss for each individual open position
  • we can use common valuesProfit/Loss for all open positions of one instrument
  • we can use common values Profit/Loss for all positions, for all three instruments used in trading
  • we can turn on / off the grid strategy
  • we can turn on / off the Correlation, both for all and separately for each instrument, that is, from the triple correlation to make a double one.
  • activate trading on only one instrument, but at the same time take into account the correlation of the other two, or the correlation of only one instrument, to choose from.
  • we can activate the carousel principle, this is when the next position on the instrument will be opened only after opening positions on two interacting instruments.
  • we canswitch on / off multidirectional opening of positions for one instrument.
  • … and this list can be REALLY infinite, given the collaboration of each item individually.

I will constantly add new sets in different collaborations in different styles, and with different risks. For buyers, all sets (different collaborations, styles, strategies) are absolutely FREE.

By default, Carousel_Triple_Correlation uses Classic-set: 3 instruments are involved simultaneously, anda full, triple correlation is used for each instrument, that is, when opening one instrument, the movement of the other two is taken into account, the profit/loss for one position is fixed:

  • Instruments: EURUSD GBPUSD AUDUSD.
  • Stop/Profit: 1.5% / 0.5% of the balance per transaction. 
  • Strategy: one instrument – – – > one trade.
  • Timeframe: M15

A detailed description of the default settings, as well as other additional strategies/styles, with different levels of risk and why all risks (drawdown) are fully controlled can be found here: Market Product Page#! tab=comments


Carousel_Triple_Correlation works with any broker, on any account type, and under any market conditions:

  • not afraid of slippage;
  • do not worry about the spread expansion;
  • easily copes with intraday fluctuations;
  • easily withstands small gaps.


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