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CashTest for YeZhuTrendTrade


Trend trading requires a certain capital threshold, and this EA is used to test the minimum capital required to run trend trading.MT4 version here.

how to calculate:

for example,the total cash is TC,the current price is A,we buy minimum vol V,the fluctuation is  ATR(global_atr_period)*global_loss_imebut = F,and the price go down after we buy,now is A-F,now the loss is TC*global_risk.the TC is what we want to calculate.

Why do we need capital testing? Any trading system has suitable capital capacity. An important role of capital testing is to test the amount of capital needed to achieve the relevant stop loss on a certain platform, which is part of risk management.

operator steps:

1.be sure to show the symbols in MT’s GUI symbol list(important,or the EA run error for cannot load the iATR)

2.input the symbols via parameter:global_tar_symbols,split with “,” for example:XBRUSD,XNGUSD,XTIUSD

3.attach to a chart,the time period is some as the chart,then you’ll see the output like follow:

BTCUSD min vol:0.010 ATR*attr:401.1714 max loss:401.171 min cash:26744.762

test peroid:PERIOD_D1 risk:1.50% ave_cash:4000.83

symbol sort:  27857.14  15310.48  11954.29  8666.10  7205.71  7161.02  6887.62  3194.29  3051.52  2908.57

Input Parameters:

[spoiler title=”

global_tar_symbols:string,the symbols which need test,split by “,” for example:XBRUSD,XNGUSD,XTIUSD

Note:be sure to show the test symbols in MT’s GUI symbol list.

global_atr_period:ATR period,default 14

global_loss_ime:ATR multiplier,default 4.0

global_risk:risk,default 0.015


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