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Castor is an automatic trading system that uses impulses at certain trading intervals. 

It does not use any indicators. The Expert Advisor opens trades on the breakdown of levels that are determined by the system in certain time intervals.

The Expert Advisor works best on the EURUSD pair, but it can also be used on GPBUSD, USDJPY.

All trades are closed as quickly as possible, so I recommend using brokers with a minimum spread and fast execution of trades.

The work of the Expert Advisor on a real account: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/850560

Description of parameters:

  • Trailing-Stop in pips – the value of the trailing stop
  • Opening price shift in pips – the opening price shift from the expected breakout level ( or -)
  • Risk per trade in % – the amount of risk per trade. The Stop-Loss level in the Expert Advisor is not fixed, but justified. That is, the stop-Loss in each trade will be different, based on the current state of the market. Accordingly, the volume of the transaction will be calculated so that when closing a Stop-Loss transaction, the specified risk is not exceeded.
  • FixLot – fixed volume of transactions. The Risk per trade in % and FixLot parameters depend on eachother, but FixLot is the priority. For example: if both parameters are specified (FixLot = 0.01, Risk per trade in % = 5), the trade volume will be taken from the FixLot parameter. In order for the transaction volume to be calculated automatically, the FixLot parameter must be set to 0, and the Risk per trade in % parameter must be greater than 0, for example, 1, 5, 10, etc.
  • Magic number – the magic number of the Expert Advisor. If the Expert Advisor is installed on several charts, each chart should have its own magic number.
  • Max spread in pips – the allowed size of the spread at which the EA will open trades. If the spread is higher than the specified value, the EA will not enter the trade. The recommended value is no more than 1-3 pips.

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Default settings:

  • Trailing-Stop in pips = 5
  • Opening price shift in pips = -10
  • Risk per trade in % = 0
  • FixLot = 0.01
  • Magic number = 11111
  • Max spread in pips = 3


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