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CCFpExtra is an extended version of the well-known classic cluster indicator CCFp. This is a complete analog of the CCFpExt indicator for MT5. Although the version for MT5 was published in the market first, it was the version for MT4 that was developed and tested in detail, much earlier than the opening of the market for MT4.

  • custom groups of tickers and currencies are supported: Forex, CFDs, futures, Spot, Indices;
  • the bars of different symbols are aligned in time, taking into account possible omissions of bars, including when the symbols have different trading schedules;
  • up to 30 instruments can participate in the calculation (but only the first 8 are displayed).
  • Instruments – instrument list, separated by commas; the tools should have a common currency; for Forex symbols is selected from either the base currency or the quote currency, as the only component present in all characters; for other tickers (not Forex) when auto-negotiation fails, a common currency is taken from the parameter DefaultBase (here the word ‘base’ refers to a common database between all tickers and not the base currency in the context of Forex), the list of tools by default includes the major Forex currencies EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY,AUDUSD,USDCAD,NZDUSD; note that NZDUSD is missing on some servers MetaQuotes-Demo, so don’t forget to edit the list accordingly;
  • MA_Method-moving average method, by default linear weighted;
  • Price – the type of moving average price, by default, typical price;
  • Fast-fast moving average period, default is 1;
  • Slow-the period of the slow moving average, by default 2;
  • All_Bars – the number of bars to calculate, 0 by default means all bars;
  • BarByBar – the value false sets the recalculation of the zero bar on each tick, true (by default) – the calculation only at the beginning and at the end of the bar;
  • DefaultBase-common currency; used only if auto-detection failed.

When filling in the Instruments parameter, make sure that you have entered the existing characters: there should be no errors in the spelling, the symbol should be available on the server. If the symbol is missing in the Market Overview or there is not enough data, the indicator displays a message in the Expert log.

When the number of instruments is greater than 8, they are still all involved in the calculations, but only the first 8 are displayed on the chart. Although it is technically possible to display more than 8 lines, this would create an overloaded chart for perception. In addition, as each new tool is added, it has less and less impact on the overall picture.

Please wait until the calculation is completed. The indicator calculates a lot of moving averages for all symbols, for several timeframes. After the initial placement on the chart, the calculation may take a considerable amount of time, including loading the data. All the necessary data update operations are usually performed automatically, but when the indicator is initially launched for a specific set of symbols, the chart may be empty or distorted. In such cases, you should open the indicator properties window and click OK again.

With this indicator, you can view, for example, the Russian cluster (USDRUR, GBPRUR, EURRUR), the oil industry (#LKOH, #ROSN, #SGNS, #SIBN) with the ruble as the base, metals, strategic food (wheat, corn, soy), indices, etc.Some examples are shown in the screenshots. Others can be seen on the CCFpExt indicator page for MT5.

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08 July 2014

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