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Chart Clipper for MT5


The Chart Clipper indicator allows traders to monitor the situation on several charts of different symbols faster and easier.

  • Imagine that you are trading on 5 pairs and before entering the market you need to analyze the chart of each symbol on all timeframes. This means that you need to keep 9 charts open for each symbol (a total of 45 charts). At the same time, to display all the charts of one pair on top of the other charts, you need to click the mouse button 9 times;
  • You can use the profiles of the MetaTrader terminal, but in this case, if Expert Advisors or alerts are installed on the charts, all of them will be unavailable until the necessary profile is opened again.

  • Chart Clipper “binds” together all the charts of a single symbol, allowing the trader to display them on top of the other charts with a single click if it is necessary to analyze a specific currency pair.

  • switch between characters in one click, without missing anything out of sight;
  • experts and indicators continue to function in the background;
  • no need to install many monitors;
  • an unlimited number of currency pairs can be monitored.
  • Automatic chart switching mode.

  • Open a new chart.
  • Add an indicator on the chart.
  • Change the size of the graph.
  • Leave it in the quality of the main control panel. See the screenshots.
  • Chart Clipper also works on touch-screen monitors and tablets.
  • The Play button automatically switches the symbol every few seconds.

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  • Back Ground Color: The background color of the chart to which the Chart Clipper is attached.
  • Play Speed: The speed of automatic character switching when pressing the “Play” button.
  • Show Symbol Name On Chart: Add / remove the text of the symbol name on the chart of the selected symbol.
  • Symbol Name Size: The size of the symbol name text on all charts of the selected symbol.
  • Symbol Name Color: The color of the symbol name text on all charts of the selected symbol.


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