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Charts symbol changer and synchronizer


The utility is designed to change the tool of the current, all or selected charts, change the timeframe, as well as to move synchronously through the history (automatically or by clicking a button) of all chart windows. The list of available tools is read from the”Market Overview”. You can change the color, size, and position of the buttons. Windows are synchronized according to the time of the first visible bar in the active chart window when you click on the sync button or when you move the mouse / keyboard in automatic mode. The TF can be changed using the cursor keys: left/right, the trading instrument-up/down. The buttons of the 8 major currencies allow you to open the chart windows from the list of currency pairs (taken from the market overview or from the “String for custom instruments” parameter). The template for new charts can be specified in the “Template name for new charts” parameter. When changing the currency, the templates of the current charts are saved, and the charts are opened in the windows opened by the indicator. When you re-select the currency, the corresponding templates are loaded.
The duplicate mode allows you to copy objects to all the charts of the current tool at once.

Attention! Due to the peculiarities of the functions used, the utility does not work in the strategy tester. It is not recommended to install the indicator on a chart with an Expert Advisor – this can cause a slowdown. The number of bars displayed affects the speed of the tool change.

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