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Closing Orders At Specified Time EA


The closing Orders at Specified Time utility closes open orders and deletes pending orders at a specific time. You can configure the closing time of orders, as well as choose the type of orders to close (all, only open, only pending), the symbol (close on all or select up to three characters) and the magic number. You can also close only profitable or only unprofitable orders. The utility can also disable trading with other expert advisors on the same MetaTrader 4 terminal (set Disable_AutoTrading_After_Closing_orders to True). After the utility is finished, the terminal is closed.


  • Your_Broker_Hour_To_Close_All_Orders=1-hour of closing / deleting orders,
  • Your_Broker_Minute_To_Close_All_orders=0 – minute for closing / deleting orders.

Deleting pending orders:

  • Delete_All_Pending_Orders_At_Specified_Time=True – if True, all pending orders are deleted at the time specified in the settings above.

Closing orders:

  • Close_All_Opened_Orders_At_Specified_Time=True – if True, all open orders are closed at the time specified in the settings above,
  • Close_Only_Profitable_Orders=False – if True, profitable orders are closed at the time specified in the settings above,
  • Close_Only_Losing_Orders=False – if True, unprofitable orders are closed at the time specified in the settings above.

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Closing orders by magic number:

  • Close_And_Delete_Only_Orders_With_specified_magic_number=False – if True, orders with the specified magic number are closed/deleted,
  • Magic_Number=0 – the magic number of closed / deleted orders (must be an integer, for example, 12345, 55555).

Closing orders by symbol:

  • Close_And_Delete_Only_Orders_With_specified_symbol=False – if True, orders on the specified symbol are closed/deleted,
  • Symbol_1= “” – string value, defines the name of the symbolon which orders are deleted/closed (for example, EURUSD, GBPJPY, DAX30, EURUSD. m, STOXX50E),
  • Symbol_2=”” – same,
  • Symbol_3=”” – the same.

Disabling auto trading and the terminal after closing orders:

  • Disable_AutoTrading_After_Closing_orders=True-if True, closes the terminal after deleting / closing the orders specified in the settings above at the specified hour and minute (expert advisors/scripts/indicators, etc., working in the same copy of MetaTrader 4 are disabled).

Good luck!


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