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Closing Price Reversal


final cost Reversal is currently a very well-known and traded candlestick design. This tiny index paints using specific (user-selected) colours
the Closing Price Reveral up and down patterns, in addition to the Inside Bars (as a bonus).

Higher timeframes are more successful  as with all other candlesticks patterns. can NOT trade solely on this index. Search the internet for
“Closing Price Reversal” to find out about the several approaches which can be used with this pattern. one of them is blending
short/medium/long Moving Averages and a Slow Stochastic…

  • This is a simple indicator, so no parameters are nedded.
  • You can freely choose the colors of the markers.

If you like this indicator, all I am asking is a little Review (not a Comment, but a REVIEW!)…   

This will mean A LOT to me… And this way I can continue to give away Cool Stuff for Free…

With No Strings Attached!  Ever!

Live Long and Prosper!

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