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Cluster Intervals MT5


MT4 version  

With this indicator, you can observe the relative price changes of other instruments on the current chart.


refreshEveryTickupdate each tick.

sym1  The Name Of The Tool. If it is empty or equal to “0”, it is ignored.

numberOfIntervals — the number of displayed intervals.

indicatorMode display mode. Sets the value of each interval: by4h (4 hours), by6h (6 hours) , etc. byDeep mode-the interval is equal to the number of analyseDeep bars .  

barOrLineWidthSym1 — line thickness.

colorUpSym1 — the color of the ascending line.

colorDownSym1 — the color of the descending line.

backgroundSym1-show on top of the current chart (values 1 or 0).

periodSeparators-show period separators.

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periodSeparatorsColor the color of the period separator.

uniquePrefix — a unique prefix.

analyseDeep – depth of analysis (works when indicatorMode = byDeep )


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