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TClusterSearch is an indicator for searching for clusters according to the specified criteria. For the indicator to work, real exchange volumes are required.

  • Search and visualization of clusters with the volume specified by filters (up to three).  You can set a different color for each filter.
  • Search and visualization of clusters with a delta greater than the value specified by the filter
  • Search and visualization of clusters by bid/ask according to the filter 
  • The ability to filter the cluster depending on its position relative to the bar / candle. For example, in the body or in the tail of the bar / candle
  • Email alerts, alerts, push notifications, or an audio alert when new clusters appear.

Indicator Settings

  • HistoryBars – the number of bars in the history to search for clusters           
  • SearchType – what we are looking for-volume, delta or bid/ask             
  • PriceLocation-search in the body, tail or throughout the bar / candle               
  • FirstVolumeFilter – the first volume filter  
  • FirstVolumeColor – cluster color for the first filter    
  • SecondVolumeFilter – the second volume filter  
  • SecondVolumeColor – cluster color for the second filter     
  • ThirdVolumeFilter – the third volume filter   
  • ThirdVolumeColor – cluster color for the third filter               
  • DeltaFilter – filter by delta      
  • BidAskFilter-filter by bid/ask
  • AskColor – the color of the aska            
  • BidColor – the color of the bid            
  • AlertsOn – on / off alerts           
  • AlertsMessage – on / off alerts
  • AlertsSound on / off sound alerts
  • AlertsNotify on / off push notifications          
  • AlertsEmail enable / disable email alerts         
  • AlertsSoundFile – the name of the file for the sound alert      
  • SendTimeInfoAsTimeLocal – use the local time in the notification or the terminal time

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