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The utility permits you to build various types of charts:

constructed indicators for volume analysis: 

  • daily market profile and market profile of the selected interval,
  • Cluster lookup,
  • Imbalance,
  • VWAP,
  • Dynamic POC, VAH, VAL
  • price cup profile
  • perpendicular volume with different screen options,
  • delta with different screen options,
  • rod of the present and higher timeframe
  • basement candle display index

To manage the schedule, use:

To manage the schedule, use:

  • left mouse button-move the chart, select different modes in the configurations, open the main settings window located under the key with screwdriver icon in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • The right mouse button is used to enter the settings of the graphical constructions located under the icons in the upper-left corner of the screen, as well as the individual settings of the drawn vertical, horizontal, trend lines and rectangles.
  • Rotating the mouse wheel in the chart area-moving the chart left-right, holding down the Ctrl key-moving the chart up-down, in the price scale area-scaling by price, in the timeline area-scaling by time;
  • H key-set a horizontal line on the chart or in the volume area (the “drawing a horizontal line” icon must be enabled), Shift H-remove all horizontal lines;
  • V key-set the vertical line (the “drawing vertical lines” icon must be enabled), Shift V-remove all vertical lines;
  • T key-set the trend line (the “draw trend line and rectangle” icon must be enabled), Shift T-delete all trend lines and rectangles;
  • Key R-set a rectangle (the icon “drawing a trend line and rectangle” must be enabled), Shift R-delete all trend lines and rectangles;
  • Key P – set the market profile (the icon “drawing a market profile” must be enabled), Shift P-delete all built profiles;
  • Key F-set the Fibonacci levels (the icon “drawing Fibo levels” must be enabled), Shift F-delete all built Fibo levels;
  • Q and W keys-enable / disable the display of the senior and daily timeframe profile;
  • Keys A, S, D-enable / disable the display of the ClusterSearch indicator (volume, delta, askbid);
  • The spacebar-calls the “ruler” mode to measure the number of points;
  • Use the left arrow and right arrow keys to move the chart sideways.;
  • Up arrow and down arrow keys-move the chart up and down;
  • Right-clicking in the lower-right corner of the window returns the graph to the default parameters;
  • Right-clicking in the upper-right corner of the window updates the data.

  • Depth of Market add? – add a glass of prices? (If the broker transmits data in the price glass, then this parameter must be enabled for the Glass Profile indicator to work)

    Custom indicators are not used in the utility and it is not possible to install them!!!

    Custom indicators are not used in the utility and it is not possible to install them!!!

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