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CME Exchange margin zones


The utility is designed to display margin zones on the chart based on the margin requirements for futures of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). These zones are good levels of resistance and support, as can be seen in the screenshots below.


After installation, you need to allow the URL http://update.marginzones.com in the terminal settings, to allow the download of margin requirements updates.

In more detail.

  • 1-draw a zone 1/4 of the cursor position;
  • 2-draw a zone 1/2 from the cursor position;
  • 3-draw a zone 3/4 of the cursor position;
  • 4-draw zone 1 from the cursor position;
  • TAB-expand (extend) the area under the cursor;
  • Shift-delete the area under the cursor;
  • T-display of the beginning of the trend in Istria
  • P – show / hide the dates of changes in margin requirements.

To plot a zone from the border of another zone (for example, for zones 5/4, 3/2, etc.), move the cursor closer to the desired edge of the zone and click the number 1,2,3,4 or 5.

When plotting from the highs, the cursor should be above the chart, and from the lows – below. The maximum/minimum value is determined near the cursor and a zone is drawn from it.

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