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Color Stochastic with an analytical panel


the main advantage of the presented index is filtering buy and sell signals in the path of market movement and ranking them by strength. placing up from the index is easy and intuitive. All you have to do is respond only to strong signals. Follow the principles of money management.

The colour Stochastic with an analytical panel indicator consists of the stochastic indicator itself and an information and analytical panel. for the indicator, that there are choices for specifying parameters and color settings. You can customize the color scheme, depth and appearance of the lines as you like. The information and analytical panel displays the readings of the %K and %D stochastic lines, as well as their difference for different periods. Trading recommendations are displayed at the bottom of the panel.

Keep recommendations… they report a continuation of the corresponding trend. Keep your position and increase your profit.

The indicator allows you to select M30, H1, H4 or D1 as the working period. Thus, with this indicator, you can trade both inside the day and for several days and weeks. The user can independently adjust the color scheme of the information and analytical panel. The following settings are accepted by default.

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Red and green colors indicate a decrease and increase in the indicator readings relative to the previous ones.

The Color Stochastic with an analytical panel indicator provides huge opportunities for analyzing the market situation and making trading decisions. But even if you don’t have such experience, you can work effectively with recommendations. Below are some points that will help you in analyzing the market situation.

It should be noted that one Color Stochastic with an analytical panel indicator is not enough for successful trading. Be sure to use trend indicators and support and resistance levels in your trading.


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