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Colored Candles Bulls and Bears


The Colored Candles Bulls and Bears indicator colors bullish, bearish, and doji candles. There is also a calculation of candlesticks (bullish, bearish, and doji) for the last N days. You can select colors for the body and for the shadows that you can also include a coloring only the bodies of the candles.

Version for Meta Trader 5: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/11649

  • color bulls = body color of bullish candlesticks
  • color shadow bulls = color of the shadow of bullish candlesticks
  • color bears = the body color of the bear candlesticks
  • color shadow bears = color of the shadow of the bear candlesticks
  • Paint Upper Shadows = the color of the upper shadows.
  • Paint Lower Shadows = the color of the lower shadows.
  • color Doji = color of doji candles
  • off color shadows candles = enable/disable coloring book of shadows candles
  • Info on the chart = enable / disable information on the chart
  • count number of candles for last.N days = counting the number of candles in the last N days

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