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Colored Support and Resistance Lines Easy


Draw horizontal lines with ease! Save time and effort! It doesn’t matter if you would like blue or yellow, or any other color, just put up the indicator-and that’ it! You will have any point to use as support or resistance.

the following keys are set for drawing lines:

  • m => to draw a monthly lineup > ” Monthly”
  • W => to draw a weekly line > ” Weekly”
  • D => to draw the daily line > ” Daily”
  • H => to draw the hour line > ” Hourly”

For any desirable line, you can specify the color, style, and width (see the attached picture). For example, to create brown dotted lines with width = 2 when pressing the “W” key, you need to set the following parameters:

  • WColor –> Brown
  • WLineStyle –> Dot
  • WLineWidth –> 2

That’s it! Do the same for each key and adjust up to 4 line styles. Close the input parameters window and simply press these keys on your keyboard to start setting horizontal lines with preset attributes.

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