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Configurable Dashboard Pro by RunwiseFX


that the indicator displays multiple indexes across multiple timeframes and symbols to provide a comprehensive overview of the marketplace. A unique characteristic is the setting of indexes and working together with custom indicators, even at the ex4 format or bought in the market. A selection of standard indicators is accessible. The default values are: ADX, CCI, market cost above / below Moving Average (MA), Moving Average Cross (MAX), MACD, Momentum (MOM), OsMA, RSI, Parabolic SAR, William’s percentage Range (WPR). Press the [ ] button to expand the emblem information and view the readings of each configured indicator.

The product will even notify you of a change in direction on the selected timeframes, which can only happen if several timeframes are consistent. The last direction of the alert is displayed along with the number of pips passed since the alert was sent. The Average Daily Range (ADR) is also displayed, which allows you to determine whether the movements on the symbol are “finished for today”. If desired, you can display the number of pips passed since the change in the direction of movement on the timeframe.

The panel shows solid arrows if all indicators are consistent (depending on the Important_alertThresholdPercentage parameter). If most of the indicators are consistent, a hollow arrow is shown.

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The properties of standard indicators can be changed using the input parameters of the indicators, and a wide range of custom indicators is supported.

Notes when using the Strategy Tester: only the character under test will be displayed correctly. Alerts will be displayed on the Log tab. Indicators cannot be calculated on weekly and monthly timeframes.

  • Important_alertThresholdPercentage – threshold value for triggering alerts and displaying solid arrows. For example, a value of 75 would mean that 75% of the indicators should be in agreement.
  • Important_alertOnlyWhenAllSelectedMatch – if true, the alert will be triggered only if the indicators match on all timeframes.
  • Important_defaultAlerts-set the value to 1 if alerts should be enabled by default. The values are separated by commas for each timeframe.
  • Important_periodsToShow – periods (timeframes) to display. Values are separated by commas.
  • Important_symbol-characters for which to display information, separated by commas. You can also specify currencies.
  • Important_symbol2 – additional characters.
  • Important_symbolCurrencyExclude-exclude characters containing any specified currencies (separated by commas), for example, exotic currencies.
  • CustomN_indicatorName – the name of the custom indicator as it appears in the Indicators folder in the MetaTrader data directory.
  • CustomN_indicatorDisplayAs – the name of the indicator to display on the panel. If left empty, it will be shortened to CustomN_indicatorName.
  • CustomN_indicatorProperties – properties of the indicator. They must be listed in the order in which they are indicated in the indicator, separated by commas. Boolean parameters must be set to 0 or 1, and text parameters must be enclosed in double quotes. If left empty, the default indicator properties will be used.
  • CustomN_colorIndex – index of the indicator color to display in the matrix. The values can be separated by commas if the indexes for the buy and sell footprints are to be specified.
  • CustomN_shift – the candle shift used to get the indicator value, where 0 is the current candle and 1 is the last closed candle.
  • CustomN_midPoint – the midpoint used only if a single color index is provided; gives the indicator a value representing the transition from buy to sell.
  • CustomN_nullValue – a null value that is used to determine whether the indicator value should be ignored / considered missing. AUTO-EMPTY_VALUE or 0.
  • CustomN_captureMethod – a method for interpreting the indicator readings (examples are shown in the video).
  • Include_* – enables / disables the standard indicators on the panel and the use of their values when submitting notifications.
  • Box_* – changing the location of the matrix.
  • Property_* – changes the properties of standard indicators, such as the moving average period.
  • Gen_alert* – sends notifications to your mobile device / email.
Note, a detailed description of the input parameter settings can be found in the manual, for more information, see the “Discussion” tab.


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