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Copyist MS is a simple and easy-to-use transaction copier that works as an Expert Advisor in the form of a single file with switching between Master and Slave modes.

You can copy orders from MT5 to MT5, from MT5 to MT4, from MT4 to MT5.

In the demo version, you can check the opening of market orders, orders will be copied by trading lot 5, some of the settings are hidden.

To copy to MetaTrader 4, you will need an EA for the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Version for MetaTrader 4: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/25497

The current version of the Expert Advisor only works on HEDGING accounts.

Telegram chat for quick help in the settings.                                                                                                             


  • Type of work-select the working mode: Master or Slave;
  • Master account number – the number of the master terminal’s trading account;
  • Copy Buy limit-Sell limit-copy Buy/Sell Limit orders;
  • Copy Buy stop-Sell stop-copy Buy/Sell Stop orders;
  • Copy Take Profit – Take Profit to copy;
  • Copy Stop Loss-copy Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit (0-off) – take profit (0 – do not use);
  • Stop Loss (0-off) – stop loss (0 – do not use);
  • Profit transfer stop to breakeven (0-off) – profit level to activate breakeven (0 – do not use);
  • Step breakeven (0-off) – breakeven step (0 – not used);
  • The trailing stop (0-off) – trailing (0 – not used);
  • Step trailing stop (0-off) – trailing step (0 – not used);
  • Add a suffix to the Slave orders – add a suffix to the slave orders;
  • Delete suffix in master orders-delete the suffix of the master order;
  • Fixed lot – the lot used in trading (if 0, then the master terminal lot is copied);
  • Coefficient lot (1-off) – calculation of the coefficient of the copied lot
  • Order ID – order ID;
  • Show info-displays information on the chart.

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  • Symbols 1-replacement of copied currency pairs, you can copy from one currency pair to another, example: EURUSD-XAUUSD currency pairs are separated by a hyphen.


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