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This index is fully user-configurable, calculates that this correlation between the symbols you opt for.

The indicator is updated in real time and is fully automated. 

you can configure several parameters.

  • calculated symbols – the symbols of the calculation; input a comma for symbols that you want to count
  • calculated bars – how many bars to calculate
  • calculated emblem period-timeframe for calculations, for example: 0 (current), 1 (M1), 5 (M5), 15 (M15), etc.
  • utilized cost: the price used for calculations is 0 (CLOSE), 1 (OPEN), 2 (HIGH), 3 (LOW), 4 (MEDIAN), 5 (TYPICAL), 6 (WEIGHTED)

  • corner: placement angle, default 1 (upper right corner)
  • xwidth: width between labels
  • ywidth: height between labels
  • FontFamily: Font, default Arial
  • fontsize: font size

  • xaxiscolor, yaxiscolor: axis colors
  • poscorrel: the value of a user-defined positive correlation (equal to or higher)
  • poscorrelcolor: colors of correlation values related to ” poscorrel”
  • negcorrel: the value of the user-defined negative correlation (equal to or less than)
  • negcorrelcolor: colors of correlation values related to ” negcorrel”
  • correlcolor: the colors of the remaining values.
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