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Cosmic Diviner Reversal Zone Lite


this multi-currency index is a Lite version of that the Cosmic Diviner complimentary Zone Pro indicator. The indicator is based on the writer’s formulas for analyzing the volatility and potency of cost movement. This permits you to flexibly determine the indices and indices trading tools, and independently set the entrance levels for purchasing or selling trades when the overbought or forex trading tool reaches a user-defined percent.

A huge advantage of Reverse Zone Lite is the presence of an details chart-the REVERSE ZONE SIDE PANEL, where the user can see up-to-date information on overbought and oversold trading tools, independently set their level as a percentage to determine potential entry points to the market. The user can also set an additional timeframe, in this case, on the information chart, he will receive information from two trading periods at once. The indicator is equipped with an alert window. If this function is activated, the user will promptly receive a dialog box with information and indicators on overbought and oversold trading instruments. The color scheme of the indicator can be customized by the user according to their tastes and preferences using the convenient settings of the color palette in the section – “indicator visualization”.

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A trading signal can be generated when the REVERSE ZONE SIDE PANEL crosses overbought/oversold levels (marked with yellow lines). When the indicator bars move up and cross the marked zone, it means that the market is in the overbought zone. If the indicator bands move down and cross the specified zone, it means that the market is in the oversold zone.

  • Recommendation to make a sale – the chart of the REVERSE ZONE SIDE PANEL is colored red, an overbought signal.
  • Recommendation to make purchases – the chart of the REVERSE ZONE SIDE PANEL is colored green, an oversold signal.

  • Entry Level – the entry level.
  • Alert – an alert.
  • Enable additional time frame – Enable an additional time frame.
  • Additional time frame – additional time frame.
  • Color additional time frame – the color of the additional time frame.
  • Width of indicator, Pixel – The size of the indicator in pixels.


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