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Forex Expert Advisors MT4 CubeMaster Lite


Sales promo: CubeMaster Lite only at $98 first 20 buyer! Next price – $198

This EA will use some indicator signal to mark a trade. Also include money management function inside. Base on your idea, this ea can make as grid, martingale, arbitrage. This EA is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. It includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size.

Monitoring Signal at MQL5

Telegram channel:

Any TimeFrame and any pairs are support.

Minimum account balance: $50.

Default parameters are for EURUSD M15

Strategy involved

  • Scalping, grid, martingale, arbitrage
  • Stop Loss Level of account equity
  • Smart way to open order and close order
  • Auto Calculate account currency to modify the profit and Stoploss ( USD Account )
  • Dynamic Tp to let Orders change tp to closer to breakeven when Orders reach a level .
  • MA, RSI and KDS indicators filter plus more and more special indicators to control open new orders
  • Pass range to control first orders open
  • Close all orders once signal was generated. Also has profit and loss of USD and percent
  • Contact author for more informations…


  • Both STP and ECN broker with lower spread with 1:500 leverage, 5 digits supported, click here to open your live account
  • Use low latency, good quality and reliable forex VPS, click here to get full power for 7 days for $0.99

If you Buy 1 Expert Advisor you can write a feedback at market and get a Second EA for Free, for More info contact me


Initial Lots / Money Management Settings

  • Initial Lots: First order volume
  • Increase Lots: If you use grid system, means next order volume
  • Max Lots: The Max volume of each order
  • Use Auto Lots: If “ON”, means use money management
  • Auto Lots Percent(%): first order volume will base on account equity
  • Auto Lots Increase Percents (%): same as “Increase Lots” but will base on the equity to calculate, for expamle, account equity is $1000, the auto lots percent is 1%, then EA will place 0.01 lots order
Order Management Settings
  • Max Order Count: total order of each side, e.g. set “3” means will max have 3 buy orders and 3 sell orders at the same time
  • Next Order Distance (Pips): if set “10” means, force the new order distance between previous order at leaset 10Pips, such as 1.12340 -> 1.12440
  • Next Order Distance Multiple: calc the distance by previous order distance
  • Next Order Must Follow Signal: if “ON”, only place new order by suitable signal
  • New Bar Execution: If “ON”, calc and place new order only when closed bar
  • Allow Dual Trade: If “ON”, means allow buy and sell orders at the same time
  • Buy Magic Number (5Digits): The magic number of Buy order and only allow 5 digits, such as “12345”
  • Sell Magic Number (5Digits): The magic number of Sell order  and only allow 5 digits, such as “54321” and CANNOT same as buy magic number
  • Order Comment (20char): The order’s comment, limit to 20 chars
  • Spread Filter: filter large spread when have new signal to place order
  • Live Order Life Time (In mins): Whether the order is profit or not, it will be closed by time after ” CurrentTime – OrderOpenTime ” values in minutes

Take Profit / Stop Loss Setting

  • Per Round in Avg Pips (Pips): if more than one live orders, EA will use breakeven price /- Pips as TP or SL
  • Per Round in Amounts ($): Both buy and sell orders current profit/loss amounts, if reached, then will close all orders
  • Per Round in USD (%): Base on account equity, to find both buy and sell orders current profit/loss amounts, if reached, then will close all orders

Indicators Setting ( MA / KDS / RSI )

  • Apply Signal: If “ON”, means use that indicator. Also can set to “Open Order” or “Close Order” only
  • Open Order Mode: “UpperSell LowerBuy” or “UpperBuy LowerSell”
Trading Time
  • Allow Trading Weekday: If “ON”, means allow to make new round of place order
  • Allow Trading Time: Set the “Start Time” and “End Time” for trading. The format is “HH:MM”, e.g. “18:45” of computer time or VPS time, not broker time

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to Time slot control parameters! It will use local computer clock/time as timer to control trading operation.




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