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Currency Relative Strength


This indicator reveals their relative potency of 8 major currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF and JPY.

The force values are decreased to a assortment of 0-100:

  • A value above 60 suggests a solid currency.
  • A value under 40 indicates a poor currency.

  • OnlyShowCurrentPairs –  if it’s true, only shows the two pairs of the current chart,otherwise shows all 8 curves.
  • barstoshow – how many pubs to calculate the power.
  • maperiodstosmoothlines – the length of the moving average for smoothing the lines of strength.
  • Suffix – the suffix of the personality.
  • fontsize – the font size of the values, the default is 13.
  • rowspace – line spacing of values, by default 17.
  • AlertType – type of alert at intersections, one of the 4 options. NONE – disabled. The notification is sent after the intersection is completed.
  • alertsymbol-symbol for alerting intersections, all or current.
  • Email – send messages with strength data by email at each new bar or after a specified number of minutes.
  • intervalminutes – the interval in minutes for sending messages. If the value is 0, messages will be sent on each new bar, if other values are set, messages will be sent after the specified number of minutes.
  • crosslevelsettings-separator.
  • AlertType – type of alert, one of 4 options. NONE – disabled.
  • alertcurrency-send alerts for all 8 currencies or only for the current currency of the chart.
  • barindex – index of the bar. 0 means the current bar, that is, the intersection occurs between the first and second bar.
  • crossuplevel – level to cross up, default is 60.
  • crossdownlevel – level to cross down, default is 40.

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