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The CustomEurUsdIndexCreator indicator allows you to create your own custom
symbol based on the history of the EURUSD financial instrument and pump its price history in the form of minute bars.
Thus, in the “Market Overview” window of the client terminal
In Metatrader 5, a new symbol appears, which can be used by analogy with other financial instruments, i.e.
open full-fledged charts of any timeframe using this symbol and perform technical analysis, placing it on the
these charts are any technical and custom indicators.

  • The indicator works on the minute timeframe and on any symbol, on other timeframes it switches the chart to the minute
  • On the chart of any financial instrument, the indicator allows you to create your own custom symbol
    only based on the history of the EURUSD financial instrument, but the time marking of trading sessions will be
    similar to the symbol on which the indicator is placed on the chart;
  • For a single user character in the client terminal
    One copy of the indicator can be run in Metatrader 5;
  • The presence of the indicator on the chart of a financial instrument is indicated by the presence of its name in the upper right corner of the chart under the
    default settings with a change in the color of this name on each tick of the client terminal;
  • The input parameters of the indicator are accessed via
    List of indicators when pressing Ctrl I, or through the item
    List of indicators in the context menu of the right mouse button on the chart where the indicator is located;
  • It should be taken into account that in order to display a more or less decent number of bars on the higher timeframes, you should have
    a huge amount of minute history, from which these graphs are built and which will all be placed on the hard disk
    (>20GB / character)! And therefore, in such a situation, the only way out will be in the settings of the client terminal on the tab
    Charts in the checkbox
    Maximum number of bars in the window select the Unlimited number of bars in the window.

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  • CurrencyIndex– The name of the user’s index;
  • IndexInvert-flipping the graph of the received user index vertically, that is, getting the inverse
    index quotes;
  • IndexMultiplier– multiplication factor of the received quotes;
  • IndexDigits– the number of digits after the decimal point when rounding quotes and displaying the price scale;
  • Smoothing method– the method of averaging the received quotes (in this indicator, the final price timeseries
    can be averaged);
  • Smoothed period – the averaging period, by default the averaging period is equal to five hundred and the candlestick chart of the symbol
    EURUSDX looks fairly smooth;
  • Smoothed parameter– the averaging parameter that varies within -100 for JJMA … 100, affects the quality
    transition period, For VIDIA this is the CMO period, for AMA this is the slow moving average period.;

Input parameters of the indicator for displaying the text name on the chart

  • Display the indicator name in the corner of the chart– Display the indicator name on the chart;
  • Font size of the indicator name– font size of the display name of the indicator;
  • The offset indicator name horizontal– the horizontal offset of the indicator;
  • The offset indicator name vertical– the vertical offset of the indicator;
  • The corner of the indicator name on the chart – one of the four corners of the chart where the name is located
    the indicator.

You can get an initial introduction to working with custom symbols by reading the article Creating
and Testing Custom Symbols in MetaTrader 5.

Since the indicator allows you to create full-fledged charts of user symbols for the EURUSD financial asset, the possibilities of
using these charts for technical analysis, forming trading signals and testing experts are
quite unlimited. With the default settings, the resulting custom symbol charts have a fairly smooth
appearance with a clearly defined trend component and filtered price noise. On such charts, you can test
almost all available trend trading systems.



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