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Customizable VWAP Classic Formula


This indicator is coded for Metatrader 5 since it is currently the only Metatrader-platform that you can connect with real future data-feed (that it means real volume from future contract) if your broker gives it to you. (in case you buy the product contact me in pvt and I will tell you the broker I use for real future volumes)

VWAP is a real professional indicator, and in this version you have the vwap and standard deviations calculated in the Classic way.  The vwap and the deviation lines are very powerful and useful to have a look of the excesses or balance/unbalance of the market. 

A realistic example ?  You should never make a buy around the second upper standard deviation (avoid to buy the maximum of the market) or make a sell around the second lower deviation (avoid to sell the lows)

Features of this indicator:

1) It draws daily vwap with standard deviation lines, but you can also add weekly vwap. It works on all timeframes

   You have the following standard deviation lines:  0.5   1   2   3.     If you don’t want to see one of them, just input NONE colour in the settings.

2) In the last version it’s also possible to start drawing the indicator from a specific time of the day.      

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3) In the last update it was added the chance to Alert you when one of the standard deviation is touched.

    Added also push notification
    Added also email notification

NOTE : the indicator works with real volume. In case your broker does not provide real volume, remember to set “tick volume” in the settings of the indicator. Otherwise it will not work.

This indicator can really change the way you look at the market, and trade it. Thanks also to the clients we are adding more and more future. If you buy it, you will receive all the updates for free. 


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