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CyberZingFx Trend Reversal


great at catching Swing Highs and Swing Lows.



You Buy once a Buy Arrow appear and Sell when there is Sell Arrow.

place Stop reduction above Higher High for SELL purchase and under Lower Low for BUY.

Close order partly when an exit signal (dot) appear. Then move Stop Loss to breakeven to book profit.

Arrow emerging nearby Exit signals have 90% precision.


After Downloading send me a message to get CyberZingFx Chart Switcher Tool which is very useful tool for traders to switch between multiple charts easily on single click without opening multiple chart windows




Indicator works on any market and any time frames.

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If you need to use indicator in other time frames, you can test and find the best settings for other time frames.


1) Reversal BUY / SELL Arrows with Take Profit and Exit Signals with Alerts

2) Trend Follow Arrow Signals with Alerts

3) Trade Exit Point and Take Profit Point Signals with Alerts

4) Trend Line Signal with Trend Change Alert

5) Support and Resistance Lines

6) Quick Scalper Arrow Signals with Alerts

7) Price Action Dot Signals with Alerts


DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES AND SET FILES FROM – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P21iMKqgLEbYZs04lkl8G8rvpGUr5OgK


Popup Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Voice Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Email Alert for BUY and SELL signals

Mobile Notification for BUY and SELL signals

Show Exit Signals to Secure your profits from Trade.

Use Exit Signals for Arrow Signal Accuracy

Download our free CyberZingFx Volume indicator and use with CyberZingFx Trend Reversal for better entry 




Always put Stop Loss above previous higher high candle price or Lower low candle price.

  • SL above previous Higher High Candle for SELL Order
  • SL below previous Lower Low Candle for BUY Order

* TP/SL Ration should be 1:1.5 or above.

ie:- If SL is 100 pips, TP should be 150 pips or above.

* Close partial order lot and take in profit if Exit Signal appear before hitting Take Profit. And move SL to breakeven


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