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The Cycle Finder Pro (CFP) indicator is designed to teach novice traders how to interpret cyclicity and trend. It is also useful for experienced traders who want to improve their chart analysis skills.

The study of the chart begins with the identification of cycles, and the ability to do this accurately and consistently is a key element for successful trading using technical analysis. Most traders rely on indicators like moving averages when analyzing charts or confirming a trend. But this is a mistake, since the indicator lags behind, and the trend can only confirm the price action itself.

The Cycle Finder Pro indicator finds true market cycles, allowing you to correctly analyze charts and identify trends.

The Cycle Finder Pro indicator uses a cycle of 5 bars, so there should be at least 5 bars in one cycle, 3 of which, including the middle one, should go in the same direction (see attached screenshots). No’ of bars calculated-By default, the CFP indicator analyzes the last 300 bars on the chart and marks the cycles based on its timeframe. For additional testing, the period can be extended. Time frames-It is recommended to use CFP on H4, D1, W1 and MN timeframes.

  • Marker offset for H/L values in pips – Distance from the price for placing High/Low confirmation markers. The default value is 20 pips. If desired, this distance can be reduced or increased to match the timeframe in question.
  • Set ATR multiplier – an ATR multiplier that allows you to avoid abnormally large bars, so that they do not distract from the main cycles. The default ATR value is 3, you can adjust as you like to account for larger or smaller bars. We recommend using the default value.
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