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Dark Oscillator is an Indicator for intraday trading.

This Indicator is based on Counter Trend strategy, trying to intercept changes in direction, in advance compared trend following indicators.

We can enter in good price with this Indicator, in order to follow the inversion of the trend on the current instrument.

It is advised to use low spread ECN brokers.

This Indicator does Not repaint and Not lag.

Recommended timeframes are M5, M15 and H1.

Recommended working pairs: All.

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Download MT5 Version here:

  • An Ecn broker is always recommended for your manual trading, My Recommended Broker, My Second Recommended Broker
  • The indicator is very intuitive, follow the arrows to open the trades

If you Buy 1 Indicator you can write a feedback at market and get a Second Indicator for Free, for More info contact me

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  • Dark Oscillator Period: Period of the Indicator to calculate
  • Dark Oscillator Method: Method of the indicator
  • Dark Oscillator Apply Prices: Apply price of the indicator
  • Use Signal Alert: The indicator will send an alert on your platform
  • Push send notification to your phone: Send a Push notification on your mobile (metatrader app)
  • Push notification by email: Receive an email when there is a signal
  • Use Beep Sound: Uses a custom sound for the signal
  • Count Bars: Number of bars to apply the indicator to
  • Show Chart Arrows: Show arrows on chart
  • Show Window Arrows: Show arrows on indicator window
  • Bull Arrows color: Bull Arrows color
  • Bear Arrows color: Bear Arrows color
  • Arrows size: Arrow Size (1 small – 5 big)
  • Shifting Arrows from Extremes: Arrow distance from the price/indicator
  • Custom chart: if true, color the chart with my favorite colors

For other questions, settings or support for this tool, we have a Telegram Group.


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